That's right mates, we be at it again! The Pyrates Way be offering ye a chance to record a song for inclusion on our new album, Pirated Music III. Your voice could join those of our past honored pyrate bands and singers.
Our last two offerings, we first gave a free CD to all of our print subscribers and the second CD was both given away to all the ticket holders of the Pyrates 4 Patriots event AND later offered as a free download to our online subscribers. We later included the initial CD in digital form.
This time, we'll be giving you a chance to purchase the third album as we raise money to help combat suicide in the veteran community. Each day, 21 veterans end their own lives due to PTSD, depression, and other factors. The age range is from 18 to 90. Veteran suicide rears it's head at almost any time in a vet's life. We want to help keep these brave heroes alive through treatment.

As in our previous Battle of the Bands contests, your song can be instrumental, sung, or even rapped. It can be an original piece or a modification of an existing song with new, Pyrates Way-esque lyrics.
Because, ye bloody mates, each of these shanties MUST contain references to any or all of the following subject matter: The Pyrates Way or Commodore Black Fox.
We'd like to keep each song under five minutes in length as well. The trick to winning the contest, as The Brigands and can attest to, is to come up with something original and witty that you could perform anywhere and it would fit right in as part of your set of shanties.
You can record your music onto a CD and send it to: The Pyrates Way, Battle Bands III, 404 Aldwych Drive, Suite 100, Bear, DE 19701. You can also digitize it as an MP3 and email it to:
All submissions become permanent property of The Pyrates Way and by submitting, you agree to allow The Pyrates Way to release the music on CD, digital for use on the compellation as aforementioned as well as in any marketing. The deadline for submission is September 15, 2020 so that we have production time to assemble the CD and have it ready for autumn festival season sales prior to the 2020 holidays. The winner will be announced in our spring 2021 issue of The Pyrates Way (#45).

The first battle of the pyrate bands offered only to be included on the CD, a web presence from our site via links, and of course the big winner (The Brigands) got to see themselves on the cover of The Pyrates Way.
The prizes for the winner of the second contest held a similar prize. This time, the winning band will receive a full-page ad in The Pyrates Way for a year (four issues) to promote themselves, concerts, or a new CDs. There will be a trophy for the winning band/singer and a certificate for each member of the band.
You DO NOT have to be a professional singer/band to compete.

The new CD will be offered as a one or two-CD boxed set, depending on numer of entries, with a booklet of information about the CD, and the entertainers therein.
As a bonus, we'd like to offer our subscribers a video of the making of the album, including outtakes and performances of the music. So keep a video recording device handy so we can share the love of pirate shanties with the pyrate public!
The cost of the CD to the public will be $15 plus shipping.

Thus mates, if ye be a pyrate band or shanty singer, this is your chance to help others while growing your professional reputation. You've got plenty of time to get your music written, mastered, performed, recorded and submitted.
We'll be helping veterans throughout the nation with the CD sales and hope to see you or your band on the cover of the spring issue (#45) of The Pyrates Way.