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the seventeenth century

Set in the seventeenth century, this drama examines the lives and adventures of pirates through a unique storytelling style. We explore the history of piracy and how it shaped the world we live in today, learning about how pirates used violence as a means of survival and how they adapted to become more violent over time.

Pirates’ Way takes you back to the 16th and 17th centuries, a time before piracy was common. By examining the lives and adventures of pirates from both sides of the Atlantic, we can see how violence, greed and treachery drove them to take such desperate measures.

For the first time

For the first time, we are treated to an insight into the lives of pirates from both sides. We see how these men chose their lives and how they adapted to survive.

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This site is dedicated to the study of pirates and their history. Here you’ll find articles on the latest research in pirate history, as well as links to academic studies.

The Pyrates way is a book

The Pyrates way is a book about pirates and their adventures, covering the history, ships, weapons and strategy of pirates.

Pirates were a group of men and women who lived by their own rules and lived free, while they robbed ships and brought them to justice.

Get the real story of life at sea,

Get the real story of life at sea, both on and off the high seas. Learn about ship construction and design and what you need to know about sailing. Discover different types of ships used by pirates, how they were built, and how they were used for battle.

Pirates are one of the most exciting characters in history. They sailed the seas in search of adventure, but also to steal cargo and set fire to ships. The world-famous pirate Jean Lafitte was known for his bravery and exceptional skills, but less is known about his crew and shipmates who worked hard to stay rich and strong.

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