49 Spreads
• Electronic Release Date: July 1, 2014 (DOWNLOAD)

Port Royal - Sunken Nest of Pyrates
Captain Nemo's Nautilus - A 20,000 leagues adventure
The Eye Patch - The theories and the truth
Captain Charles Johnson - or was he William DeFoe?
PPyrate Amusements V - Captain Cline's VA Beach Pirate Ghost Ride
Captain Pern - Saying goodby to an old friend
Mama's Little Pirates/b> - Our Gang's wee pirates
One-Eyed Willie/b> - The Goonies' Pyrate
Below Deck Rum - Our rum of the issue

2014-15 Pyrate Events Calendar
48 Wenches of the Quarter Alumni
DVD Review - the Goonies
CD Review - Uncharted Lands by Pyrates!
Book Review - A General History of The Pyrates by Daniel DeFoe