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• Electronic Release Date: January 3, 2013 (DOWNLOAD)

About this Issue
This was the last issue of The Pyrates Way in a vertical format.

Scottish Pirates - Not one of them in a kilt
Indentured Servitude - worse than pyrates, worse than a slave's life
Captain Green - A pyrate started the English civil war
Modern Pirates II - South China Sea
The Brigands - Keeping Pyrate Music in the family (+1)
Captain Belit - Conan's Pyrate Mate
Tragedy At Sea - Remembering the HMS Bounty
Admiral Nelson Rum - Our Rum of the Quarter

Pyrate Event Calendar
Wenches of The Quarter
The Shaddow Fleet
Battle of the Bands II
DVD Review - PotC: Dead Man's Chest
CD Review - The Idiodyssey by The Bilge Pumps
Book Review - Pirates on the Chesapeake by Donald Shomette
Treasured Locations
Pirates in the Library of Congress