64 Pages
• Print Release Date: December 15, 2008 (PURCHASE)
• Electronic Release Date: November 5, 2012 (DOWNLOAD)

Pyrate Xmas - NCRF's Pyrate Weekend
Black Caesar - Blackbeard's Mate
Pacific Coast Pirate Faire - Another faire on the Left coast
Pirate Master Part 1 - Our Review of the TV Series
Dog's Perspective - A Pet Friendly Festival
Pyrate Trading Cards - Collectible Paper
Battle of Ocracoke - Remembering the lost souls
Tortuga Rum - Our Rum of the Quarter

Rewritting Blackbeard History
Pyrate Mummers
One-on-One - Kevin Duffus
Reenactor's Corner - South Florida Pirates
FIVE Wenches of the Quarter
DVD Review - The Great Pirate Ships
CD Review - Drunk & The Devil by There Be Pirates!
Book Review - Pirates of Colonial Virginia by Lloyd Williams
Website Review - Ye Olde Tavern
Pirates II Premiere
Free Pirated Music CD

The Free Booty in this issue was a special The Pyrates Way CD filled with music created for our subscribers and those who purchase the back issue directly from The Pyrates Way.