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• Print Release Date: October 15, 2008 (PURCHASE)
• Electronic Release Date: January 1, 2012 (DOWNLOAD)

About this Issue
All Male Issue. This issue was created to bring to closure a request from all the wenches and lady pyrates who are fans of the magazine. Instead of hot Wenches of the Quarter,they wanted some hot Pyrates of the Quarter. . . and we aim to please.

Yellowbeard's Curse - Is there a pyrate curse?
LI Pirate Festival - First Festival
Sir Frances Drake - Pyrate or Sea Knight?
Rock Hall, MD - Pirates & Wenches Fantasy Weekend
Beaufort Pyrate Fest - Accuracy at Festivals
Maureen O'Hara - Actress with blade skills
Nor-Cal Pyrates - Strange and Wonderful event
Thomas Tew Rum - Our Rum of the Quarter

Pyrates Way Battle of the Bands
Pyrates for Patriots
2006-08 Article Index
Pyrates Way Submission Info
Reenactor's Corner - The Sea Rats of the Atlantic
Pyrate Events Calendar
One-on-One - Bilgemunky
PYRATES of the Quarter
DVD Review - Yellowbeard
CD Review - Nautical But Nice by Carl Weiss; Sailor's Songs by Various Artists
Book Review - Blackbeard the Pirate by Richard Becker; The Last Days of Black Beard by Kevin Duffus
Website Review - bilgemunky.com

The Free Booty in this issue included two The Pyrates Way Trading Cards.