Every issue of The Pyrates Way Magazine is filled with pyrate lore, pirate events, pyrate biographies, pirated places, pirates as fads, and interesting facts and fancies about pyracy. Inside you'll also find six hot Wenches of the Quarter, Book and DVD and Music Reviews, Pyrate Event Calendar, plus a different RUM is explored! By offering such varied topics over the last FOURTEEN years, The Pyrates Way Magazine has uncovered over 1,200 topics of discussion, all listed on our article index page.

       There are so much pirate lore, books, and blogs in the world that we try very hard to give you something you've not seen before and make it interesting. Did you know that Black Bart Roberts, notably the most bloody pirate of all, was a tea-toddler and kept to the Sabbath? Did you know that there is a major contention among historians that Black Beard was NOT Edward Teach from Sprightstown, Bristol but rather Edward Beard from the Sprightstown of Barbados? Did you know that the Pastafarian religion takes the absence of pirates in our modern world has a direct correlation with global warming? Whether you care about how much mercury a ship's barber-surgeon injected into one's nether-regions to quell one's venereal disease or what Jean LaFoote was going to do with all that Cap'n Crunch cereal when he got it, we cover it in The Pyrates Way Magazine. It's a magazine for pirates and wenches, not historically-accurate re-enactors who look down their noses at "polyester pirates."

    We entertain you with our humor, inspire you with our historical accounts, and tantalize you with our wenches. . . plus there's rum. Every issue targets a new brand of rum. Rum, wenches, adventure, history, and gunpowder. . . THAT's what pirates are all about. . .not knots or proper linen slops or period-correct chanteys. . . it's about FUN, says us, and over 2-MILLION downloaders of our publication agree with us.

    Whether you have a deep passion about pirates or just a passing fancy about Jack Sparrow discover that you'll not find a better source online for pyracy.

"The Pyrates Way is created BY pyrates, FOR pyrates!"

UPDATE: ISSUE NUMBER 41 IS NOW READY IN TWO FORMATS! One is our usual electronic version with links to pages, advertisers and more. The other is a printable version suited for your printer. Over the years, since we'd gone completely electronic, some folks have wanted a version that they could easilly print on their own printer.