The Pyrates Way was the pirates magazine that Art Director-by trade and lover of all things nautical, Steve Kimball dreamed of for years. A place to share the fun and history of the pirate lifestyle, one of freedom, romance, and adventure.

2005. Steve became the layout and artist behind a new magazine idea "Pirates and Mermaids" put forth by the owners of Faerie Magazine. This quickly came to an end in early 2006 as his idea for a magazine filled with pirate events, rum, and wenches was not the historically-accurate, knot-tying, environment-saving idea that the publishers had designed.

2006. By the fall of 2006, after the release of the first "Pirates Magazine" by said publisher, came Steve's self-published (and self-paid-for) magazine, The Pyrates Way. He ordered 10,000 copies printed (8,000 of which still reside under his basement steps, over a decade later).
The Magazine was not a huge hit right away but as the look of it was refined, his audience secured and sharing the periodical with every pirate event on the east coast of the U.S., it secured a following of a few thousand by the end of PyrateCon in New Orleans.

2007. The PyrateCon experience thickened Steve's skin a bit as he was confronted with the "Hollywood" pirates that made up the West Coast contingent of pirate hobbiests. They cared more for how they looked and entertained than how accurate their look was or the fact that there were virtually no pirates of the Pacific coast of America until well after what's considered the "Golden Age of Piracy."

2008. Under new management, PyrateCon for 2008 was perported to be the best adventure any pirate hobbiest could ask for. As for the average pirate and wench attending, it was truly a grande "Big Easy" event. Unfortunately as plans began for the 2009 version, The Pyrates Way was forced to abandon association with the event, citing creative and administrative difficulties.

2009. After the economic crash of 2008, may pirate suttlers closed their doors and with them went their advertising dollars. The Pyrates Way was not going to be a victim of this time but rather challenged Steve to find a new way to bring The Pyrates Way to others.

2010. Marked a huge transmographication for The Pyrates Way, as it had gone "green" in that it was no longer printed but published online in a free, environmentally-friendly electronic version. It was an instant success with readers and advertisers alike. A free and downloadable The Pyrates Way was offered to the world. No longer were we confined by United States Postal Regulated-pricing! Now the magazine could enjoy video and audio links as well as target advertisers at a rate only 10% of the printed version. This year also saw the death of "Pirate Magazine" as it folded after 14 issues.

2011. The popularity of the online version of The Pyrates Way grew and by year's end, we were moving to have the entire library of issues available online. A new, pirate, online magazine called "Mutiny Magazine" is released.

2012. We became involved with the Salty Ball, put on by The Brigands, up in Connecticut. We've worked with them every year to help raise money in the fight against testicular cancer. It also gives us a chance to hang out with our New England brothers and sisters.

2013. We started producing our own The Pyrates Way Podcast which ended with episode 18. However, plans are in the works to ressurrect this fun feature later in 2015 when we record the Pyrates 4 Patriots Gala.

2014. Our ninth year in publication hit a major milestone when the double-sized The Pyrates Way #25 celebrated our silver anniversary and over a quarter-of-a-million downloads were processed in less than a month of its availability.

2015. Our TENTH year celebration saw a re-engineering of this website, positive changes in the magazine, and our hosting the biggest, grandest pirate gathering in pirate hobbiest history, the Pyrates 4 Patriots Gala. In offering a chance for both crews from the north and south to finally meet in the middle, we raised money to benefit The Wounded Warrior Project.

2016. In our autumn issue, we exposed the truth behind the break up of one of piracy's greatest bands, The Pyrates Royale. The issue was very controversial and continues to be talked about. To date, it is the most-downloaded issue since our silver anniversary issue.

2017. We hit the awesome benchmark of having over 2-million downloads total of The Pyrates Way.

2018. After the Autumn issue, we stopped production of the magazine in order to re-think, re-work and re-design the product.

2019. In October the world of piracy saw a complete new look for The Pyrates Way magazine and website.