72 Pages
• Print Release Date: April 15, 2008 (PURCHASE)
• Electronic Release Date: July 16, 2012 (DOWNLOAD)

About this Issue
PyrateCon 2008 Guide. In this issue, The Pyrates Way got childish as the photos of each of our staff members were depicted as Lego characters. This issue was created as a guide to PyrateCon, of which The Pyrates Way was the main sponsor. Inside is a listing of all the vendors, entertainers, schedules of events, things to do in New Orleans, and a few autograph pages.

PyrateCon 2008 - Welcome to New Orleans!
PyrateCon Beach Party - A California Beach Promo
Pre-PyrateCon Party - The Black Fox hits CA
Jean LaFitte - Pyrate of New Orleans
New Orleans Rum - Our Rum of the Quarter

Reenactor's Corner - the Krewe of Pirate Wenches of New Orleans
DVD Review - The Bucaneer
CD Review - Live Scallywags by The Pirates Charles; Maiden Voyage by Rusty Cutlass
Book Review - Patriotic Fire by Winston Groom
Pirates for CHOC
One-on-One - Scarlott Harlott
FIVE Wenches of the Quarter

The Free Booty in this issue was a pirate sticker or bookmark.