90 Pages
• Print Release Date: September 15, 2007 (PURCHASE)
• Electronic Release Date: September 7, 2012 (DOWNLOAD)

The Spirit of Blackbeard - Does Blackbeard still walk among us?
The Pyrates Way - Celebrating our first year
Discipline At Sea - The lash upon your back
PotC III - Part 2 of the series
Dead Men Walking - Pirate ghosts of New Orleans
The Phantom - Targeting Pyrates since 1936
Pyrates of the 1960s - Caribbean pyracy still alive
Pirates Choice Rum - Our Rum of the quarter

Submission Guidelines
Pyrates of the Lockhouse
Reenactor's Corner - The Ladies of The Salty Kiss
Who's Reading The Pyrates Way
Wenches of the Quarter
Plank Owner's List
PyrateCon 2008 Update
Talk Like a Pyrate Day
Pyrates Way Article Index
DVD Review - Disney's Blackbeard's Ghost
Book Review - Legends of the Delaware Coast by Seibold & Adams; The Captains Marshall by Catherine Donaldson
CD Review - Dancing the Hempin' Jig by Blackjacks'n Blarney; Black Jack by The Pyrates Royale

The Free Booty in this issue was a solid, metal Phantom ring which had to be mailed separately. The ring is of those actually given out in theatres when The Phantom premiered in 1996. To date, it's been the most popular booty we've ever given to our subscribers.