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• Print Release Date: March 15, 2007 (PURCHASE)
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About this Issue
PyrateCon 2007 Issue. In this issue, The Pyrates Way set out to help with PyrateCon 2007 as a major sponsor and includes a guide to the event.

PyrateCon 2007 - Enjoying The Big Easy as a Pyrate
Captain Hook - A Look at Peter Pan's enemy
Sustaining Pyrates - US Patriot but UK Pyrate
Pyrates of the Caribbean II - Last Recap.
Pyrate Faeries - British entertainers mix genres
Fells Point - When Pyrates Ruled Baltimore
Jean LaFoote - Cap'n Crunch's nemesis
Sailor Jerry's Rum - Our Rum of the Issue

6-month 2007 Pyrate Events Calendar
Four Wenches of the Quarter
DVD Review - Disney's Treasure Island; Cutthroat Island
CD Review - Shamrockin' Live by The O'Danny Girls; We Don't Know by The Bilge Pumps
Book Review - Iron Men, Wooden Women by Margaret Creighton; The Way of the Pirate by Robert Downie

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