68 Pages
• Print Release Date: December 15, 2006 (PURCHASE)
• Electronic Release Date: May 1, 2012 (DOWNLOAD)

About this Issue
FSM Issue. In this issue, we cleverly hid eight images of The Flying Spaghetti Monster within the pages and upon the cover.

MDRF - Adventure Weekend at the Maryland Renaissance Festival
Black Powder - A quick look at gunpowwder and weapons
John Paul Jones - US Patriot but UK Pyrate
The Florida Pyrate Festival - Ruling the toy world, one child at a time.
PARF - Pyrate Weekend at The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
PotC II - Recap continues
Celebrating 2007 - New Years Eve, Pyrate-Style
PyrateCon 2007 Preview - Getting ready for the Big Easy
Pussers - Our Rum of the Issue

6-month 2007 Pyrate Events Calendar
Four Wenches of the Quarter
DVD Review - Pirates, A Joone Film; Pirates of Tortuga
CD Review - Rogue's Gallery by Various Artists; Bloody Seamen by The Brigands
Book Review - and a Bottle of Rum by Wayne Curtis; Pirate Fever! by Eleyne Austen Sharp

a metal piece of eight and/or a Pyrates Way mini pin.

Did you find all eight simulcrums? If not, here's where they can be found:
Page 10: In the top Pyrate Jeopardy photograph, if you look just over the roof of the building in the trees. . .
Page 21: In the illustration, check to the starboard side. . .
Page 26: Easy! Look what's on the alligator's tray. . .
Page 42: In the bottom photo between the two gentlemen to the starboard side. . .
Page 54: The photo with the huge half-fish-half-horse has something looking over the roof of the building to starboard. . .
Page 57: Take a close look at the sky in the Grim Lookout cartoon strip panels. . .
Page 64: First Mate Maggie's dog collar. . .
FRONT COVER: Look in the clouds to the right of The Pyrates Way logo. . .