68 Pages
• Print Release Date: September 15, 2006 (PURCHASE)
• Electronic Release Date: December 7, 2012 (DOWNLOAD)

About this Issue
Inaugural Issue. This issue was the very first issue of The Pyrates Way. Two versions are offered: one is the regular issue the other is a sealed collecibtle version wrapped in distressed paper, stamped, has a gold The Pyrates Way seal upon it and is signed and numbered the the publisher and the cover model.

Pyrates Royale - 20 Years with the nation's top pirate band
Tattoos & Pyracy - An interesting look at art and pirates
Bartholomew Roberts - The pirate Black Bart is reviewed
Blackbeard Alive & Well? - A visit to the Hampton Blackbeard Festival
Pirates of te Caribbean II - A look back at the film
Pyrates in the Kingdom - The New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom has gone pirate!
Appleton Estates Jamaican Rum - A historical look at rum

The Pyrates Way Visited. . . - The Baltimore Pyrate Invasion, Wench Privateers Feast, Virginia Renaissance Faire, Walsh's Tiki Pirate Party
Pyrate Events Calendar - 4th Quarter of 2006
Recommended Booty - Appleton Estates, metal stamps, iron hooks
Book Review - The Complete Idot's Guide to Pirates by Gail Slinger and W.Thomas Smith; The Book of Pirates by Howard Pyle
DVD Review - Muppet Treasure Island; The Crimson Pirate
CD Review - Get Down (Like An Anchor) by rillian & The Doxie Chicks; That's So Sad by The Crimson Pirates
Treasured Locations - Blackbeard's Castle at St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Submission Information - How to submit info to us
Three Wenches of the Quarter

The Free Booty in this issue included The Pyrates Way Plank Owner I.D. Card and a Plank Owner Certificate.